About Us

Plumber’s Direct is Erie’s “private-label” division where we manufacture residential water treatment systems to serve the “DIY” Do It Yourself customer. 

Erie manufacturing company was founded on January 9th, 1943 when Henry Alfrey purchased the machinery and assets of a small manufacturing company at 200 East Erie Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). Although the first products were emergency oxygen systems for military aircraft, Erie soon became a pioneer and innovator in ‘devices to control flows’, for application in oxygen, HVAC and water treatment systems.

In 1947 Erie was the very first company ever in the world, to develop and manufacture an automatic regeneration control valve for ion exchange water softeners. Shortly after the turn of the century, after almost 60 years of development and manufacture of control valves, the strategic decision was taken to focus on complete water treatment systems and solutions, for use in a wide range of applications, like residential, commercial hospitality,…

With product development, manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, Erie water treatment is set out to remain at the forefront of the global water treatment industry.

Today, erie water treatment is part of Aquion Inc. Through it’s different divisions, Aquion, Inc. is a loyal partner to some of the most prestigious brands and institutions in the world such as Marriott, Sheraton, Coca Cola, BMW, NASA, the Pentagon and the United Nations.